Industry Engagement

Our process driven approach and our ability to deep dive on mandates has enabled us to work successfully across domains. While the bulk of our work revolves around the listed verticals, we have delivered on unique mandates from a wide variety of industries.


Retail and Lifestyle brands 

The challenge in Retail and Lifestyle brands is the need for industry and domain specific expertise. Given Simran’s experience with retail and lifestyle brands and her years as visiting faculty at premium fashion and design institutes we believe we are better equipped than most to understand the mandate and locate the best candidates. We do particularly well with new brands/ retailers in the market given our industry wide network,  strong data base and understanding of roles. 


The challenge in hiring for e-commerce has been a large number of mandates to be filled in a short time span, the need for concept sell, brand advocacy, persuasion and persistence. And all this in the face of aggressive competitive offers. Given SSA’s market credibility and our service driven approach we pride ourselves on being the best Business Partners for e-commerce companies, especially start ups.


The F&B challenge often, is, specialized roles and a limited data base of appropriate candidates at senior levels. Over the years SSA has built a deep understanding of the sector and a data base of candidates across functions. This allows us to deliver a quick and accurate response to mandates from this sector.

Lifestyle and apparel Exports

The challenge of the industry is its need for the highest quality of talent since it requires dealing with overseas clients. SSA’s understanding of export requirements and its ability to assess candidates allows us to deliver a high rate of closure.

Logistics/ Supply Chain

The Logistics industry is facing rapid growth and rising demand for people across all levels of management.  There is a need to continually attract people from outside the industry to support the rate of growth. SSA’s experience with working with multiple sectors strengthens our ability to identify the right talent.

Start Up’s

The presence of Investors has led to the rise of new generation of entrepreneurs. SSA has, time and again, been invited by investors to work with investee companies and source key talent in the early and growth phases.

Other industries

SSA has had the opportunity to work with multiple other industries through companies that have chosen to trust SSA with challenging mandates. Our focus on a 360 degree delivery to our clients, our ability to think deep on mandates, and our candidate assessment ability enables to deliver successfully on these challenges

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